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In Song Tapestry, mezzo-soprano Patricia Stiles performs the music of David N. Baker, Thomas Beversdorf, Don Freund, Marian L. Harrison, Émile Naoumoff, Edwin Penhorwood, P. Q. Phan, and Sven-David Sandström. Although the musicians assembled here represent varied musical traditions, they share an academic and geographical connection, practicing their craft in Bloomington, Ind., as professors and instructors at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.





CD 1                                                              

Three Songs by Don Freund                                                                                                                                                      

  1.  God's Grandeur by Geraed Manley Hopkins
  2. Sephehstis's Song to Her Child by Robert Greene
  3. I Sying of a Mayden by Anonymous


Hailu by Edwin Penhorwood

  1. Summer Evening  by Masaoka Shiki
  2. The Way of Zen by Matsuo Basho
  3. Clouds by Matsuo Basho
  4. Coolness by Matsup Basho
  5. Onitsura's First (age8) by Onitsura
  6. Loneliness by Hasin
  7. Where The Cuckoo Flies by Matsuo Basho
  8. Spring by Ryota
  9. The Sudden Chillness by Yosa bUSON
  10. Maple Leaces by Shiko
  11. Bell Tones by Matsuo Basho
  12. The Mushroom by Issa
  13. The Cuckoo by Matsuo Basho


Confession by P.Q. Phan

  1. Confession I by Ho xuan Huang
  2. Floatiing Cake by Ho Xuan Huang
  3. Jackfruit by Ho Xuan Huang
  4. Confessions II by Ho Xuan Huang
  5. On Sharing a Husband by Ho Xuan Huang
  6. Confession III by Ho Xuan Huang


Three Song by Thomas Beversdorf

  1. For Also Then's Until by E. E. Cummings
  2. Love is a Place by E.E. Cummings

25  Chanson Innocentes II by E.E. Cummings


CD 2

Songs of Living and Dying by David Baker

  1. Forever by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  2. The Place Where the Rainbow Ends by P.L Dunbar
  3. To a Dead Frien by P.L. Dunbar
  4. To Satch by Samuel Allen
  5. Trifle by Georgia Douglas Johnson
  6. Without Benefit of Declaration by Langston  Hughes


Songs by Emile Naoumoff

  1. Compagnon de silence by Paul Valery
  2. Ta bonte by Emile Nerhaeren
  3. O mort! by Armand Marquiset


Three Songs of Love by Sven-David Sandstrom

  1. Vack mig till somns i dig by Gunnar Ekelof
  2.  Hon gar med vinden I sitt har by Claes Anderson
  3. Manskaran lyser by Bertel Gripenberg


Songs of  Nature by Marian L. Harrison

  1. Snow by Edward Thomas
  2. The Wind by Christina Rossetti
  3. Now Silence after Petrarch by Nicholas Kilmer